Fall Home Tour: At Home With Smore Kid's Company!

Meet Cassandra!  A woman who wears many different hats, such as wife, mother, small business owner, cosmetologist, and my favorite: Inspired Home Décor Artist.  Okay, so I just made up that last one, but she really is talented when it comes to styling her home!   Cassandra and I have been friends for several years, and when she asked me to photograph her and her husband, Josh, for a maternity session a few years ago, I must admit that I was completely speechless when I entered their home.  The thought and care that had gone into their home’s interior decoration was truly mind-blowing!

Want to know the best part?  Cassandra designed her home all on her own!  With her gifted intuition of interior design, and her modernized style, her home is one to be admired.  Take a look for yourself!

Cassandra's Interior Decorations

Cassandra and Josh’s home is full of neutral colors, which allows her to play with bright and colorful home accents that she can change up as often as she wants since her monochromatic color scheme filling her home are white, gray, and black.  These colors are found on her walls, floors, cabinets and furniture classifying them as the primary and secondary colors of her scheme.  Her accent colors are interchangeable among her rooms, as Cassandra will often move items from room-to-room.  She enjoys using a lot of blues, purples and yellows in their home accents to liven up her spaces.

This has got to be one of her most unique pieces in Cassandra's home!  Cassandra's wine rack is made with pressed dryer lint!

Isn't her kiddo, Parker, totally adorable?

Another trait that I enjoy about Cassandra’s home décor is that she regularly adds décor pieces that reflect different seasons, and holidays.  However, the pieces that Cassandra chooses complement her daily home décor and wall décor perfectly.

Are you eager to learn more?  Cassandra allowed me to pick her brain when it comes to her take on interior decoration!  Read below for some awesome home décor tips and advice!

Q | Where are your favorite places to shop for home decor items?  Why?

"T.J. Maxx is my ultimate go to when I am trying to find something for my home.  They get new inventory a few times a week and they have something for everyone's particular style.  I also really love Crate and Barrel, especially when they put things online on clearance!  Target is another one, what mama doesn't love them self some Target?!?"

Q | How would you describe your home's style?

"The style of my home I would say is very modern but also practical.  I don't like clutter or a ton of stuff all over my countertops.  Everything has a place.  I love simple gray, whites, and creams. Oh ya and silver!  If you leave your walls and furniture neutral colors like those you're able to decorate for every season with a pop of color with a pillow or a vase without having to paint."

Q | Where do you find your inspiration when styling/decorating your home?

"Everyone always asks me this!  It's kind of funny, my mom and I will be talking or see something we like or a certain theme and all of a sudden we start seeing it in catalogs or on Pinterest.  I'm really all about getting my Crate and Barrel catalog and looking through it and then I try to match pieces that I find there at more thrifty places.  I love flea markets and rummage sales too!"

Q | What area of your home are you the most proud of (in terms of decorating and styling)?

I love my photo wall in my family room of all of the pictures of our family.  When I bought all of the frames I thought how am I going to do this.  I had no template so I started placing them on the floor in front of my couch until I got it just right!  Plus I change the pictures from time to time sometimes with the season and I just love that.

Q | Have you ever made a major decorating blunder?  If so, what was it?  Did you choose to correct it, and if so, how?

I haven't made a horrible mistake yet.  If I had to maybe regret or change something it would be my kitchen cabinets.  I sanded and primed and paint and dried and painted again and it was exhausting.  I have never really loved them.  I will tell you though every time we have a party or gathering everyone comments about how much they love those cabinets.

Q | What is your most valuable piece of advice to give when it comes to decorating your home?

My best advice when decorating is be creative and do something you feel comfortable looking at every day of your life.  Your home is your sanctuary.  So do something you're proud of.  Everyone is going to have opinions about something you do, so try not to let that bother you to much.

Remember when I told you that Cassandra is a woman that wears many hats?  One area that she prides herself in is that of her small business, S’more Kids Company, which she founded earlier this year. 

Q | I am all for promoting other small business owners, such as yourself!  Tell us about Smore Kids Company.

S'more Kids Company has been a lot of work!  On top of my husband and I both working full time and having full time schedules with 3 kids.  I'm actually excited, nervous, and super anxious I have my first craft fair this weekend for Ball State!  Eighty vendors will be there and I have no clue what to expect.  I have designed, sewn, and created baby and toddler tents, clothes and accessories! It has been so exhausting but so fun all at the same time.

Q | What inspired you to start Smore Kids Company?

"I actually love to sew and create.  That's what inspired me.  To be able to make fun little different things for my kids is the best part.  My husband and I work so many long hours and we have had some hard times the past few years.  We have been in and out of court trying to get custody of his two children and have succeeded with one. Yay! We had a baby and I was on my own insurance that wasn't so great.  Josh's lungs collapsed two times and he had to have surgery which led to medical debt, so the main reason was for extra income.  Something I could do at home and still be with my family and make some extra cash for bills.  I thought of a name for almost a year and I came up with "S'more Kids Company" because 1. We love to camp. 2. My kids love s'mores! We do them all the time in the microwave or over the fire or in the oven."

Q | What is your most popular product?

"Our A-frame pop up tents are the best seller.  People have loved them.  The second best is our slouch beanie hats.  Everything has an outdoor modern camping kind of theme!  Also hints the s'more kids name because you cannot camp without S'MORES!"


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