Our Favorite Farmhouse Finds From Michaels!

Looking for your next farmhouse decor piece?  We compiled our favorite farmhouse finds from Michaels!  Check it out! >>> http://bit.ly/farmhousefindsmichaels

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We have taken the guess work out of finding your next farmhouse decor pieces!  We compiled a list of our favorite farmhouse finds from Michael's!

A lot of the following pieces can easily be stand-alone decor, or they could be incorporated into a project for perfectly executing a shabby chic style.

Not only does this little clock have the appeal of being an antique, the rustic green color is a favorite finish amongst many farmhouse decorators, including myself!

DECOR TIP: Sit this atop a round wooden plaque to spruce up one of your end tables!

The aged appearance of this frame will complement any rustic-styled home.  

DECOR TIP: Instead of a photo, fill the frame with a printed piece of styled wall art.  Like these!

This whitewashed wood box is so versatile!  The possibilities are literally endless, and it can be added as a decor piece to any type of room.

DECOR TIP: Fill the box with mason jars, then fill the jars with your kitchen utensils!

This stone plaque will serve a great (and super cute!) accent piece to any major farmhouse decor.  It could easily be moved from one location to the next too if you want to change things up!

DECOR TIP: Using this chalk dispenser set, write out the word "OUTHOUSE," and secure it to your bathroom door.

Now, what kind of farmhouse decorator would I be if I didn't include a galvanized milk can?!  Galvanized pieces are a huge hit in home decor right now, and it is here to stay!

DECOR TIP: Fill your milk can with some natural ting, and display it in your entry-way to help welcome you home everyday.

This galvanized tub reminds me of a blank canvas as it can easily be transformed to accomodate or decorate any space.  Whether it be holding blankets or toilet paper,  this tub has no short-comings when it comes to ITS usefulness as well as enhancing your home decor.

DECOR TIP: Wrap some burlap ribbon around the exterior of the tub to add some dimension against the smooth surface of the galvanization.  Then fill with some birch wood logs!

Mesh ribbon wreaths are certainly popular, but grapevine wreaths have been making a major comeback!  With their structure, they can be redecorated to reflect seasons and holidays.

DECOR TIP: Gather a bundle of wild delphinium spray flowers, cut the stems to more a manageable length, and secure with some thin floral wire.  At an angle, lay the bundle across the bottom left side of the wreath, and adhere with wired burlap ribbon.  Leave some ribbon on your ends to make bow atop your flower bundle.  You can further embellish your wreath by attaching your initial of your last name, or your house numbers before displaying it on your front door.

Our chalkboard menu is one of our favorite farmhouse features of our kitchen.  It's not only functional, but a beautiful display piece!

DECOR TIP:  Not sure you want a menu?  No problem!  Turn to YouTube to find some chalkboard lettering tutorials, and get going!  Write "Welcome to our home," in a pretty script, and display it near your entry-way.  Want a bit of color?  Grab your favorite paint or stain, and go to town on the wood trim!

There are so many great farmhouse options at Michaels!  What have been some of your favorite finds at Michaels?  Comment below!