Top 5 Places To Shop For Home Decor

When it comes to finding home decor, these are our favorite spots to check out!  Read more >>>

1.    HOBBY LOBBY - $ - $$

I could get lost in Hobby Lobby for hours!  I never buy anything unless it’s on sale!  Hobby Lobby does really well at identifying more trendy-type items, and decor pieces that are in-style.  Right now, you can find all kind of farmhouse type décor items to perfectly accent your home.  

The key is to familiarize yourself with the sale schedule.  Some items go on sale every 4 weeks, some every 3 weeks, some every 2 weeks, some every 2 out of 3 weeks, some every 3 out of 4 weeks, or they’re on sale every day.  I know this sounds so confusing, but if you watch their weekly ads diligently then you should be able to figure and always know when your must-have items go on sale!  

Also, they have their amazing 40% off coupon!  If something is discounted by 30%, Hobby Lobby will give you 40% off instead with the coupon.  Did you know that the coupon says 1 per person, per day NOT 1 per family?  

Hobby Lobby has a home accents sale twice per year!  After Christmas and sometime during the early summer, home accents that are being discontinued will be marked down 50%, and continue to drop from there.  Get a price adjustment if your item goes on sale within 14 days after your purchase.  Get a rain check for out-of-stock items to hold the sale price.  Seasonal items are put out early, and usually start getting discounted very early on too!

PROS: You can almost always get your item on sale.

CONS: Items aren’t incredibly unique as they tend to have a lot of them.  

My advice:  Stick to the sale schedule, and try to put your own twist on an already existing piece.

2.    HOME GOODS - $$ - $$$

I absolutely love Home Goods!  I didn’t get to experience the magic of this store until my husband and I moved to a new city.  

Home Goods tends to stock a lot of trendy, modern items, but you can almost always find something to suit your style.  Items are generally reduced from 20-60% off their suggested retail price, and depending on your store, Home Goods receives new stock daily.  No doubt that the best time to shop are during weekdays.  If you see something you like, don’t hesitate!

I have seriously stalked people throughout a store before just hoping that an item that I had previously passed over will eventually be placed back onto a shelf.  Seasonal items tend to be put out pretty early so if you want to be able to score some great seasonal décor at Home Goods then you need to put yourself into the right mindset of buying it early.  

Also, keep in mind that some items are scattered throughout the store either for displays, or people moving items.  So take your time with this store, and make sure to look each aisle over because you never know what you might find.

PROS: The inventory turns over quickly so you can always count on finding something new every time you shop.

CONS: Chances are that if you hesitate on an item, you’ll lose the opportunity to buy it all together.

3.    TARGET = $$ - $$$

Target has to be my favorite go-to spot.  On more than one occasion, my husband has taken over all kiddo-related responsibilities temporarily so that I can venture into Target alone so I can cruise the aisles at my own pace, uninterrupted!  It’s glorious!  

Target has its own sale schedule where certain items get marked down on different days of the week.  For home décor, these items get discounted on Thursdays.  

One of my favorite places to hit up for home décor has to be the dollar spot.  I have found glass bottles, chalkboards, candles, and seasonal décor all within this one area, and the most I have ever spent in this area is $3!

PROS: Their items are always those that are in-style and trendy.

CONS: Their furniture is mostly made of particle wood and veneer so they aren’t made to last.  Their décor pieces are so cute that everyone wants and has them!

4.    ANTIQUE MALLS - $ - $$$

Before my son was born, my husband and I used to hit up local antique malls all the time.  It was one of our favorite pastimes (and still is when we can find the time)!  Not only can you find some great furniture, but you can find those décor accents that will really set your home apart from others.  

I love those items that have a history or that tell a story.  Depending on the piece, you can probably score your item at a fairly decent price as well.  It is likely to be in pretty good condition as well since it has probably been cleaned up or restored some to appeal to potential customers.  

I have been to antique malls where the building itself has been divided into little shops that come complete with a sign for a seller to name their space, and their items are staged really well.  I’ve also been to antique malls where sellers have brought in bookcases, and have completely stuffed them full of items without giving much consideration to their layouts.

Depending on the type of antique mall you go to, you will notice a variance in price.  So ask yourself, is this item in good enough condition to be given a facelift, or if it has already been restored to some degree, ask yourself, is it worth the price to spend or could I possibly find a similar piece and do it myself?


If I had a choice, I would prefer to go to actual garage sales over Facebook or Craig’s List because you get the chance to survey an item in real life, and not just from a photo or a seller’s description.  

Also in my experience, people are easier to negotiate with in person more so than over the internet.  Items sold online tend to be more expensive than those items that people have just pulled from their garage at the last minute to include as part of their garage sale.  

People want to get rid of things or clear space so they tend to sell their used items cheaper just so they can get it out.


They specialize in selling closeout brand merchandise.  My favorite curtains were found here, and I was able to score 4 - 96” curtain panels for less than $40!  They have an entire aisle of decorative pillows!  

If you have a Tuesday Morning nearby, or within driving distance, do yourself a favor and give them a shot!  You never know what treasures you might stumble upon!