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I must admit that I'm a total sucker for cute wall decor.  Well home decor really because I am always looking for new home decorations or ideas to spruce up my own home!  When I find something, I literally become that child in a toy store that's in complete awe over the newest toy (and I may or may not even throw an adult sized temper tantrum if I can't have it. . .  HA! No no. .  but really. . .).

What I usually do is try to think to myself, "How can I make that my myself, or something similar?" Thus, One Day of Honey was born.

And now I present to you. . . ONE DAY OF HONEY'S FIRST FREEBIE EVER!


Free wall art printables! Click here:

How cute are these?!  

These images are sized at 8.5 x 11", but can be sized down to accommodate smaller frames.)

Want these for yourself?!  Simply fill in the information below, and you'll get them for FREE!

What exactly can you do with wall prints?

  • Put them in adorable frames, and add them to your gallery wall!

  • Orrr... maybe put them in a frame with a stand so you can sit them on an end table or your fireplace mantle!
  • Hang them on the fridge for inspiration!



They can be so versatile.

How would you use these fabulous wall art prints?!